My Disney oversharing Experience?

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My family and MIL&FIL are going together to Disney in Feb. We plan to do many things
together in family harmony. In MDE, we are together on the family and friends list, so we can coordinate the fun in Feb. no problems.

Now MIL and FIL have decided to go on a trip by themselves in Nov....

The problem is when
I bring up my itinerary, their plans come up, which is annoying because

1. I am jealous as all hell when I see Disney for me....
2. It's none of my business what they are doing on their own trip... But I don't have
a choice because it kinda comes up big and bold in My Itinerary....

Is there any setting I am missing that allows only certain trips or dates to share?
Green is not my best color......


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Two questions:

Are the other peoples profiles in question their own profiles? Or are they "managed by you" profiles under your login? If they're managed by you, you might be out of luck.

You can also go into their profiles in the Friends & Family section and uncheck the "this person often travels with me" box. See if that hides their plans. (Or alternately, maybe it's *they* who need to uncheck it... Try playing around with various combos)


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Thanks for the help!
my MIL was managing her own account with FIL .We did have them under our family, instead of friends. I had the we travel together often box checked.
I did uncheck the travel often and they became friends instead of family. I can still see their plans
IF I look up the dates of their trip, but at least now when I go under my itinerary, it pops up with today's date, instead of their trips itinerary, which is fine with me.....that settles the green monster within....

but I am not sure if that was from unchecking the box, or if something else in the system was changed....
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