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Muppets Haunted Mansion


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I imagine that this will include elements that were seen at the last D23 Expo! There was a special 40th anniversary Haunted Mansion panel where the first draft of the script for the Haunted Mansion was read, and Uncle Deadly read as the Narrator/Ghost Host (and he was, of course, dressed in Haunted Mansion CM attire.) It was honestly the most fun thing I saw and experienced at the Expo that weekend :)


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Hopefully this is at least better than Muppets Now.
odd cause they did the muppets at the hollywood bowl... which should have been a disney+ concert. They had muppets live another day which was cancelled.. and they had another where muppets were in the real world... kind of like pixar in real life.. youd go to get your car fixed and fozzy was working on it also didnt get made.

So there have been better ideas.. they just didnt happen


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Part of the Muppets' trouble is that they've always been a commentary on popular media. The original show wore many hats but all under that umbrella. Parody, behind-the-scenes, lip-syncing, etc. Muppet-Vision 3D succeeds because it does the same. But Disney (and the younger Hensons) can't think of anything other than backstories for the characters and Muppets _____ (insert IP here). A proper Muppet revival would require a bit more creativity than I have, haha.

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