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Multiple Ticket Types - One Trip?


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Hey there, hoping y’all can help.

My bf and I were comped 2 base Magic Your Way tickets after an issue we had on our trip last year. We are visiting again for 8 days and we’d like to use these tickets during the middle of our trip to get in the parks during the day of the Villains After Hours event that we’re going to. Can we get 7 day Parkhoppers and use the parkhoppers the first 4 days, then use the base tickets, and then finish out the parkhoppers for the last few days?


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I believe so.


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Yes. You'll need to keep the comp tickets separate from your 7-day tickets. I believe you can ask at GR for the 7-day tickets to be given priority for use for the first few days, then go to GR to switch the comp tickets to be the priority the hard-ticket day. After that, it should automatically switch you back to the 7-day tickets when they're all that's left.

@Rob562 is usually the member who knows the ins and outs of ticket use.


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@Monty pretty much has it.

You can link both tickets to your MDE account. That'll give you the ability to make FP+ reservations that use all 8 days' worth of admission. But the first thing you want to do *before* entering the park on Day 1 is to visit the Guest Relations window there at the park and to make sure the 7-day ticket is set as first-priority. (Guest Services at the hotel *might* be able to do this for you, but I'd feel more confident in the CM's at the park)
Then again on whichever day you want to use the comp ticket, visit the Guest Relations window to have them swap the tickets' priorities in your account.

We had to do this once with one-day comp tickets that a CM friend gave us. We had also bought two-day non-hopper tickets as part of a convention group to give us three days in the parks. We wanted to be able to use the 1-day comp ticket to hop between AK and Studios on our first day, and then use the 2-day tickets the rest of the trip. It only took a couple minutes at Guest Relations and we were all set.

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Thank you guys! I figured it was possible but I wasn’t sure how. We’ll be sure to stop at GR on the first day and the day we want to make the switch to make sure everything is set up correctly!
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