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Multiple Magic Bands


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i have a vacation package booked that comes with magic bands. If I buy and activate a magic band does it cancel the magic band that comes with the package? I would like to use both bands. All my info, ADR, fastpasses and room key will be active on both bands in my name?


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You can use them all in the same trip. Think of them as your house key, you can have multiple copies of the key, but its the same key. Your info is not on the magic band, all of your info is on your account. The magic bands are no different then the plastic key cards that they used to give, they are just in the shape of a bracelet now.


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I can't answer for the OP, but I know that in my family, the reason we like to use multiple bands is simply because different colors match different outfits! ;)
Didn't even think about this. I still have my old yellow magic band, which would go much better with the yellow dress I'm wearing on my birthday dinner at BOG. Thanks for the idea!


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I purchased the Huey, Dewy, and Louie Magic Band and wan to wear it but also would like to use the solid green one I ordered when I booked our vacation


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Don't worry, this is my current collection and I use all of them ;)
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My collection is similar but I'll never go back to the old MagicBand now that the 2.0s are out. They're SO MUCH more comfortable and the readers do a much better job reading the plastic icons than the old RFID chip embedded in the old rubber bands.

Also, a few caveats for the people with big collections:
  1. The battery will eventually die in these things, which enables long-range RFID functionality. They'll always work at touch points but a dead battery means it won't work for automatic ride photos and ride personalization like we see on It's a Small World.
  2. I don't really understand the technology of it, but I've read reports that the bands can get glitchy when you have more than ten active at a time. Can't confirm, but it's just something I've read.


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We've had two split stays in a row, each with two sets of MagicBands. Bringing and using both (and customizing them in different colors) just seemed natural. :)
If you have a split stay and get two magic bands, can you use them interchangeably before you check into the second hotel?