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MSEP Float Malfunction


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Wow, I was at the opening gate this night and there was nothing wrong with the float then. Must have happened right after it passed me by!


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it was right infront of the main door to the emporium. I mentioned it in a post on Monday morning. Nothing big...it got up and running after some of the CMs opened it up...then it high-tailed it to meet back up with the rest of the Alice floats and the crowd along Main Street applauded.

EDIT: noticed your 3:45 time stamp that you mentioned...can't watch the video at work, but that float had issues when I was there anyway too.

EDIT EDIT: ooooh, i get it...you mean 3:45 in the video....

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There have been a few technical issues with the parade which is to be expected. It has not been in Mk for more than a decade and these floats just took a 2500 truck ride from California. Give it a week and it will be running like a Swiss watch.


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I thought it was kinda neat since you usually don't see it like that ... other than whats being shown in some recent media event videos.

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