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Mother's Day or 40th Birthday (Memorial Day)


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Hi all, :happy:

I know there are some professional planners here and at 7.5 months most of you have already started lining up your trips. For those organized people :), I want to ask would you go to Disney around Mother's Day 2015 or try and fight the crowds for Memorial Day 2015? I will be drum roll, 40, May 24 (Sunday before Memorial Day) and I can think of no other way to bring in a new decade than being at Disney but I do not want to spend my birthday or trip in an 8 or 9 crowd level Magic Kingdom either. It will be myself, DH and our 4.5 year old daughter on the trip. I really appreciate the May traveler's inputs and all ya'lls words of wisdom.

Thank you for the help


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Just my opinion but I would go mother's day. We have gone for my DW's birthday right around then and did not hit major crowds. When you do go do what we did and have breakfast at Whispering Canyon, where I told our server it was my DW's birthday. That was one birthday she will never forget. To make up I took her to Jiko for dinner. Whatever you do enjoy and get a birthday button.
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Honestly, if crowd levels are a concern, early September is very good. People say there is no off season any more. Those people have not been during the first two weeks of September.
Actually, the period just before Memorial Day is nice, weather is good and the humidity has not got too bad yet. The crowds don't seem to grow substantially until the Saturday before Memorial Day.
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GF and I were at Epcot this May on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Thursday and Friday weren't bad at all (especially considering Epcot was open until midnight for all guests) and Saturday was busy but not as bad as I expected. As we left on Saturday I can't speak for the rest of the weekend, however, and as we were only at Epcot I can't speak for the others parks. WDW in general didn't seem crazy crowded though and we visited several of the resort hotels, so there's that.
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