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Monsters University

Goofy Kid

Original Poster
As I am sure most people already know pixar is coming out with the sequel to Monsters Inc., Monsters University. Do you think this is what Disney has been waiting for to expand the pixar section of Hollywood Studios?


Well-Known Member
Pixar Place has been around Hollywood Studios for quite a bit long before Pixar officially announced their sequel to Monsters, Inc.. For a long time now, there was rumor about a cutting-edge coaster involving the door scene, and since this movie is a prequel to all of that, I'm not sure if it's exactly what they've been "waiting for." If they had really wanted to go through with building a Monsters, Inc. themed ride somewhere in the area, I imagine they would have done so already.

But, who knows? It could be. :)


Well-Known Member
Nope. I believe they're waiting for 1) it to magically appear at DHS for free or 2) someone else to pay for it.


Active Member
Monster's Inc. really derserves some kind of ride in Hollywood Studios. I think the space where the Motor Stunt Show is could be used. Hollywood Studios needs more rides not shows.


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I remember reading on these boards a rumor about the Pearl Harbor area of the Backlot Tour being removed to make way for an expansion to Pixar. Something to help with TSMM would sure be nice!

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