Monorail Return ?


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Anyone have a friend of a friend with insider rumblings of when the monorail will return?

Surprised we haven't even seen a test run!


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I don't know anybody, but a youtuber I watch mentioned rumors of painting, and beam refurbishments, etc. going on. So.... if that's true, I'd guess it won't be immediate, but they are working on it.
Quick Google search shows that the old one at least had air vents that would carry the AC through the cabin from the front/back but it wasn't that great the new ones however do not have anything except for the front.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Thx! I was a little kid when I waited for the Mark V monorail to take us to Tommowland. It's great to have some specifics on that model.

But what a bizarre, design decision for a mode of transportation in Southern California for the Mark VII.

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