Moderate or value?

Patrick Dollar

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I keep flip flopping between a moderate (PO Riverside) and a value (AS Music) for my solo September trip.

If I stay at a value, I can put the 450 or so I’d use to splurge towards renewing my AP.

Thoughts on one vs. the other? Particularly given a solo traveler on a five night trip.

I hadn’t planned a resort day, but if I stayed at POR, I was going to come back early one night, eat at Boatwright’s, then head to Springs. Maybe some additional resort time on checkout day as my flight isn’t until 4:30.

Minnie Mum

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For a solo trip, assuming you will spend the majority of your time away from the resort, I think a value resort would suffice. Use your saved money elsewhere. You can still eat at Boatwrights and go to DS. And on your check out day you'd be leaving on DME by 1:30, so not a lot of time to do much.

Patrick Dollar

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Does anyone remember AP discounts for September 2017? Specifically at AS Music and Riverside.

I got an AP rate at music at the end of Nov/beginning of December 2017 for an average of 88/night. Wondering if I can expect that again.

And just curious about what an AP discount at Riverside actually looks like. ;)
If it allowed me to more easily afford AP, I would hands down do the cheaper option. You can always stay at a more expensive resort in the future if you're going that often.
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