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Hey y'all :) A group of us will be staying at the Boardwalk Villas this fall (3-bedroom grand villa for the first time !!!) - we have a family member that is still early on their no-alcohol journey. We went a few months ago and found some great mocktail accommodations that weren't simply for children around Disney World. Being that she used to LOVE a cute, fun cocktail that normally came with fruit or sparkly lights, we were very excited to see fun nonalcoholic options, as well as recommendations from bartenders/servers. I'm curious - what are some our fellow non-alcohol drinking Disney goers' favorite mocktails on property?!


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The best ones I recall were at Topolino's (dinner). We had the Peche Repose: Peach, Mint, Lemon, Soda Water

Topolino's is a bit pricey, but one of the few places we felt was worth the price. It is slow meal, but the view is great during the fireworks. On the DDP, Topolino's is listed as 2 credits. I'm not sure I'd say it si worth 2 credits, and the menu is not very long, but if you can find options you like, the food is excellent.

I had one that was also decent at GF Cafe, but it was listed as a 'zero-proof' cocktail. Even though it was zero-proof, only adults could order it. I don't see the one we had listed on the current online menu. It was a fancy lemonade, including some type of zero-proof spirit. So I don't know if that would be okay for your family member.

Some of the options are at least listed in the online menus.

OH- I have not been there yet, but I was looking at pics of food at the new Japan eatery, and it looks like they have some mocktail options. I have no idea if they taste good, but the images look fun. One is a Yuze lemonade.

OH- not quite a mocktail, but Universal now has a popsicle stand with excellent popsicles in the Minions land. They have mango, strawberry, lemon-mint, and some character themed ones. All the ones we tried were really good, very fruity and refreshing.
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The Edison at Disney Springs has some good ones (I like the apple propellant). Oga's cantina has good ones like the black spire brew. Even La Cava del Tequila had mocktails options I could have. Disney is a great place for including everyone.

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