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Hi !

I will be visiting Disney World August 8th-17th. I am struggling with making my park reservations, especially for MK.

What is the best strategy to use during the MNSSHP day if I am planning to attend it.

Should I make it a full MK day and take advantage of the lighter crowds during the day or should I go to another park and hop back to MK at 4 PM for MNSSHP event and do my MK day during. non-MNSSHP day ??

Please... help lol


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You could go either way depending on how much you enjoy MK and whether youd want to split the day up for a variety. When we did one MNSSHP we spent an AM in EP. Another two times we stayed in MK doing a lot in the morning and then doing much more repeating our favorite things at the event. MNSSHP can be pretty hectic so come in with a plan on what you want to accomplish. Lines for M&G get very long and prime parade watching spots get taken early.
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Party days tend to have lighter crowds because of the earlier closing time.

If you will only have one MK day (other than the party) I’d be tempted to make it the same day, for that reason. Maybe plan a late TS lunch either in the park or at a monorail resort or WL, just to give you a break.
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We have MSSHP tickets for late Sept; we decided to save a few dollars and not get a regular park ticket this day. Our day will start at Beach club for a nice breakfast and walk around the resort and then visit the boardwalk. We’ll then go back to our resort and have some relaxing pool time and enjoy a snack lunch. After that we’ll get ready and head out in time to enter MK at 4:00.

There’s so much to explore and do on party days. If you can make a day of it without entry into a park prior to the party why not save a few bucks and put those dollars toward your lightening lane or genie + for another day, or party themed merchandise souvenirs.
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We're planning to rope drop DHS, have lunch at Sci-Fi at 1pm, head back to AKL for some time at the pool and then head to MK for MNSSHP about 5pm-ish.
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We eat brunch at Whispering Canyon, boat over to MK. Eat a meal again around 4 in the park and enjoy the party. No young kids so we can do a long day. We also use the parties to target party specific Meet and Greets, Parades, Fireworks etc. When the kids were home and teens they would use the parties to maximize ride potential. The wife and I go enough we take a more casual approach to the parks these days and try to really enjoy the things that are unique to the parties.
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