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MNSSHP Costume Rules?


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I have a pretty specific question about costumes for MNSSHP that I haven't been able to get a definitive answer to, and was hoping y'all swell folks might be able to help me out.

My kids are super jazzed to attend the party in costume and want the whole family dressed up as Star Wars characters. My son and daughter will be dressed up as Luke and Leia and they've asked I go as Han Solo. The big question is:

(1) Can the kids carry toy lightsabers into the park?

(2) Would I be allowed to have a toy Solo blaster or is anything that looks like a gun verboten?

I'm guessing the lightsabers won't be an issue but am further guessing I should go with an empty holster. Does anyone have any experience along these lines?


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You should be fine with the star wars toys since they sell them in the park...

But, here are the standard rules for Costumes during the event...

Children are encouraged to attend the party in costume.


Halloween costumes should NOT:
  • Obstruct the guest's view or interfere with their ability to board/unload from attractions and/or the Walt Disney World Resort transportation system (including monorails, ferry boats and motorcoaches).
  • Drag on the ground.
  • Contain sharp or pointed objects or material that may accidentally stike another guest.
  • Be offensive to other guests.
  • Contain any weapons which resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon.

Jim Buck

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Use a toy one that is brightly colored and it would be fine. When are you going, I am going as Luke on 9/26 myself, episode 4 luke , the "OG" version.


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I would say yes to the lightsabers, no to Hans pistol. But why would Leia be carrying a lightsaber?
Well, depending on what version of Hans Pistol it is...As I mentionted they Do sell his at the Parks...

There's also a Generic Version as well..

But if it was the Original toy release version that looks more like the one from the Film......Then I'd say No I wouldn't bring it as it would be to much closer to being a real firearm from a distance....
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