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Mission Space @ EPCOT

Mission Space EPCOT

  • Orange

    Votes: 39 69.6%
  • Green

    Votes: 17 30.4%

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We are a green only family (in fact my wife refuses even that). If we went orange, the barf bags would actually get use
I've only been on the orange, but I really loved it! It is so much fun! It is very bumpy and moves a lot so I suggest to not go on it if you get motion sickness.


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I have never sworn more times in a 3 minute period than I did during the first time I rode on orange ...
My friend did the exact same thing back in 2004. That totally messed us up for the rest of the day. And right when we walked out, the garbage can band came by and started playing. We had to leave before someone got hurt. :mad::in pain::hilarious:
If you wear contacts, maybe wear sunglasses during the ride? The air was blowing right into my eyes making them very dry. I had to hold my hand over my eyes the whole time.
...Mission:Space only pretends to be interactive....
Interesting perspective! I thought this was an absolute must-not-miss experience. True feeling of weightlessness. Better than anything our trip to Kennedy Space Center had to offer! :p

And whilst I get your point about it not really being interactive, the control panels and your attempts to operate them on cue actually do contribute to the experience. Maybe it was just me, but I got a real sense of how seemingly simple tasks require extra concentration under such conditions.

Each to their own of course, but I can't recommend this attraction highly enough! :cool:
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