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Missing seagulls at the Seas


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Original Poster
Can anyone confirm that the seagulls are missing in front of the Seas with Nemo?
Several other sites stated that they were removed earlier this week possibly for refurbishment…

James Alucobond

Well-Known Member
They’re probably out for refurbishment. Got mentioned in the Journey of Water thread earlier in the week.


James Alucobond

Well-Known Member
They are indeed gone as are some of the adornments on the Seas building behind the rock outcropping. My guess the exterior is getting ready to be freshened up.
They also just painted out more of the back of the building, likely because you can see it pretty well when looking back toward it within Journey of Water.

I’m kind of hoping that the otherwise shiny and new nexus for the World Nature shortcut, Moana meet and greet, and Journey of Water means that Coral Reef will get a refresh soon. At the very least, it needs some of its signage back.


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They are out for refurbishment. The whole area is getting a little extra attention due to Journey of Water's opening in just under a month.

Or they just removed them because they were worried you can hear them from JOW and they’re gone for good.
One cannot hear them from "inside" Journey of Water. The sound of the water coupled with the BGM is sufficient to block out any outside noise except the monorail passing by.

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