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So, I've been playing with the idea of starting an Adventureland themed HO scale model railroad (see this thread over at Burnsland). But that has me thinking more and more in HO scale. Plus, with the pandemic, my 3D printer which used to live in my office at work now lives on a table in the living room. So it's been absorbing some of my geek energy.

I've been printing a fleet of Jungle Cruise boats, and decided they needed a home for now. So the first diorama was born - built to fit within a 4-inch cube softball display case (click on any photo to view larger on Flickr):

But that set me down the road to represent each of the original lands of Disneyland with an iconic diorama. And this happened:

And these dioramas are addicting - as is pushing their limits more and more. My latest is a second Frontierland entry:

As for what's next? Not quite sure yet. But figured you'd all enjoy these so far.

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