Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016


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So what are you paying for?

A fair question. At least when I've gone to the parties, I've always been able to get more done than with an equal amount of time at MK during the day. I also love the party parades and fireworks. Due to work constraints, my trips to WDW are typically no more than 4-5 days at the max. Since my visits are on the shorter side, I'm very willing to pay the premium of the party ticket prices to save a bit of time and see the parades/fireworks. I might feel differently if my visits were a week or longer.


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Going Sunday. Kids really want to meet 7 Dwarfs. What time do they start meeting and what time is a good time to line up? I want to do it first thing and get it over with.

We will already be in the park so we will have our braclets at 4pm.
If they want Jack and Sally too, do that at 5 (get in line at 4), and then go to dwarf line.


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What time should you get in line for Winnie the Pooh and friends? Them and Minnie are the only characters my daughters really want to see


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What time should you get in line for Winnie the Pooh and friends? Them and Minnie are the only characters my daughters really want to see
They're usually intermittent due to parade. 20 - 30 minutes before set is usually a good spot but keep your eyes open


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In here tonight and from a crowd perspective it's a disaster. All the CM are telling me it's sold out. You can't even move around Main Street, Fantasy Land, and Frontier land. All rides have an excessive wait.

Disney sold out the customer and packed as many bodies in as possible.


I went last Thursday and had the complete opposite experience. We had a FP+ for Mine Train at 4ish, but rode everything else in the park other than Pooh and only waited for one ride -- Jungle Cruise just before it closed at 7. Nothing else had a wait at all -- and most rides you could walk through the queue and directly into the ride vehicles.

The candy lines at Pirates and near the Haunted Mansion were a bit long, but everything else was wide open. Hub wasn't bad at all for Hallowishes or the parades.

It was our first party and I was really impressed. Much better than I expected.

The longest line all night might have been the security line to get in the park and then to get a wristband at 3:45 or so.

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Id bring a drawstring backpack.
that way you can keep dumping out your small plastic provided bags into the larger bag and keep collecting.


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By the end of the night, our bags were full and we even skipped a treat spot or two. CMs were handing out fistfuls of candy and the bags are on the small side. If you're into candy- and it is the same thing pretty much every spot- a drawstring backpack or larger bag would be handy.


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Went last night. Crowds were manageable and candy supply was ample. Ralph was missing from the parade. Jack and Sally were great; had >100 people in line when they came out at 5:00pm. We had gotten in line at 4:15 and were done meeting them at 5:25.


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We went on October 10th and my 4 and 2 year old loved it. They came away with a killing in the candy department.

The Boo to You parade was very good and my 2 year old makes me let him watch it on youtube every day now.

Well worth the money and we would do it again.


Anything is scalped these days. Be surprised or not but the Mickey Halloween tickets over in California went for 500+ for some dates and average is 200+ for most dates except the last. Saw 699 tickets being taken on a Monday last week or so I think it was. It's a good option tho for those that arrive and find out that all is sold out as a last resort, hence why posted above! But yeah comes at a steep price.

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