News Mickeys Backyard BBQ closing


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I’ve seen rumors on other site that Hoop dee doo May be the next to go. Anyone know if there is any credibility to that rumor. With Circle D Ranch be changed as well? They all hold so much history. It’ll be sad to see any of them go.


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Well if this is closing then HDDR will for sure be closing at some point. But! If they're bringing this back, then surely HDDR will return! (...I'd hope...)

I do have to feel bad for FW fans. That area is so nice and quiet. I hope the hotel doesn't have a huge impact on the atmosphere.


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...with characters from Tron

Kevin Flynn: The Grill. A BBQ frontier. I tried to picture clusters of steak as they moved through the camp ground. What did they look like? Salisbury? Mignon? Were the paths like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day...

7 Year Old Sam Flynn: You got in.

Kevin Flynn: That's right, man. I got in.


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I was amazed the last time I was at Fort Wilderness. With all the land clearing from the new golden oak section really changed the feel of the place.


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I like the variety of DVC options, but they seem to have lost touch with what makes the older resorts special. We used to always stay at Fort Wilderness in the trailers. It was great and quiet. If they built a DVC resort that was exclusively the trailers it could be popular (if they don't outrageously price the points) and keep the atmosphere intact. Sadly they will likely build a tower in a location where anything over 2 floors is out of place.

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