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News Mickey Shorts Theater Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Walt d

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LOL, the park is filled with theaters literally all over the park. Where is this 'theater district'?
That show, it was dark and the air was so nice and cold, and i was tired.. and i fell a sleep. If i could of been left a lone for a few hours, the show was yawn. But great place to sleep, just like math class..
I think Disney is just trying to be cheap with this new attraction. Give us something we really really want. Whatever, it will give me another place to sit that has A.C..


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This will be fine. Kids love these dang shorts. And adults will want to know why Goofy looks like... well. The way he does... in the new attraction. I already think it’s odd that they’ve decided to add this dimension to the classic characters after trying so hard to maintain character integrity. To me, they look really different and act very differently than they do throughout the parks, but... maybe this is just what they get up to off the clock. Especially Goofy. He’s surely been hitting up the bar at the Mexico pavilion. And maybe some other things.
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Clyde Birdbrain

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This is opening March 2020. From the Disney Parks Blog:

I love the “Mickey Mouse” cartoon shorts, so I am really excited for the new Mickey Shorts Theater on its way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which I can now share will open in March 2020!

As you can see from the new artist concept rendering above, the interior of the theater will evoke the same wacky fun of the Disney Channel cartoon series. You’ll see an original short in this same style, plus have the chance to take your picture in special photo locations.

Next year is going to be a big one for Mickey Mouse at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as in addition to this new theater experience, the park will unveil Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, the first ride-through attraction in Disney history featuring those true originals!

Stay tooned to the Disney Parks Blog for more on these new experiences in the weeks and months ahead.
Looks like it will show an original short. I was hoping it would show random existing shorts, to make it more interesting for multiple visits, but an original short is pretty cool.


With new rendering of the theater:

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Blink, blink. Breathe, breathe. Day in, day out.
Did you see what was there beforehand?
Yes. It’s not a complicated change. The seats look like they’re the same. Curtains replacing other curtains.

If it can be fixed within a week, which it can, then it’s a cheap fix.

I didnt say it’s unwelcome. But it looks just about as permanent as any flex theatre on property to me. All it is, is just more vibrant colors. Nothing remarkable. No Mickey toon moulding (like muppets theatre), permanent fixtures, ect. It’s a simple movie theatre. 🤷🏻‍♂️

It COULD have been better.
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