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Mergers and what is hsppening


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There are 3 very different mergers going on right now, AT&T/TWX, Disney/Fox and Sprint/TMobile.

AT&Ts combines Television distribution with cellular and over the top service. Disney Fox combines 2 major studios and possibly too much of the box office to build a major competitor to Netflix. Sprint/TMobile will make a major competitor to Verizon Wireless and AT&T cellular and hopefully provide real 5G wireless service to compete with wired btoadband.

Of the 3, I like the Sprint/TMobile merger the best because if it works and a consumer can have real broadband anywhere and use any over the top television provider the consumers will win. The problem with the AT&T merger is that it will allow them and other cable satellite and multichannel providers to drive rates up. Does anyone think that Comcast won't use a wink and a nod to AT&T and pay them whatever they ask for for their channels as long as AT&T pays comcast what they want for their channels?

As for the Disney Fox merger, it does add distribution in Europe but not the US. But Disney, who currently has 30.6% of the box office in North America and Fox who has 13.3% or a combined 43.9% with lots of hits coming this year. How much is too much? Comcast would have the same issue with Fox.

Anyway back to Sprint TMobile. The problem with the merger is it would leave 3 cellular providers instead of 4. But. It would accelerate G5 service and provide more competition for Btoadband. Great for the consumer but bad for Verizon and Cable companies. As for AT&T, they never get it right and while their combined service is interesting they will blow it like they have always done. TWX shareholders should vote no on the merger because TWX is worth more independently th as they are getting from AT&T.


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A merger that goes from 4 to 3 big players is never good for the consumer. Just like Disney buying most of Fox is not good for the consumer.
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