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ME Question


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We are supposed to land at MCo at 7:40 AM Monday the 22nd. We plan on using ME and our luggage will be marked as such. If for some reason when we arrive, we are late, or the wait is going to be extremely long, we plan to grab an Uber to our resort. My question is what do we do about our luggage? They will have already taken it I assume. Will they still deliver to our resort if we end up taking an Uber? We have never taken ME before, so I’m not sure how it works.
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Short answer is Yes, they will still get your luggage and deliver it to your room. Disney's Magical Express(DME) runs 24/7 so you can never be "late" to your bus. You can go walk down there and see how many people, but that is no indication on how long you will have to wait. You can be lucky and just walk onto the bus and have it leave or you can wait for a while to go. Once they scan your bands your are "in the system" and they expect you to be on the bus. If you are really in that much of a hurry, then cancel your DME reservation and just go and get your bags and take an Uber. When I go on vacation, I don't want to have the added stress of changing the plans. If I plan on taking DME,, then I will and not worry about maybe saving a 1/2 hour by changing my mind and taking Uber.
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