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May 2021 or May 2022 for a trip?

My family has been to Disney 15 times since 2002 and our most recent trip was August 2018. We know Disney World like the backs of our hands and absolutely love going every year, or every other year when money is tight. My boyfriend has never been to Disney and is really excited to go with me and potentially my parents too one day. We really would like to go when I get my bachelors in May 2022, my parents, boyfriend and I. We'd also be celebrating my birthday over the trip and my boyfriend and I would likely get engaged in that trip. My boyfriend and I (before all the Covid-19 stuff broke loose) were looking at taking a trip, just the two of us, in May 2021 to celebrate him getting his bachelors and my birthday. Assuming our summer jobs go on (they're really looking like they will) we're pretty confident we'll be able to afford a week at the All Star Movies. I haven't stayed there but I have stayed on property at the Pop Century, French Quarter, Caribbean, and Polynesian (all the way back in September 2002) and have always had a good experience so I'm excited to branch out.

What are other frequent Disney goers thoughts? Should we take the trip in May 2021 if we can afford it, or just wait to go with my parents in 2022? My family has talked about taking a beach vacation next summer all 4 of us because it's cheaper and if Covid-19 is still throwing a wrench in plans the beach house will have a kitchen and we'll still be able to go down to the water and enjoy that part of the vacation. So beach vacation next summer, or Disney next summer?

My biggest priorities in going are 1) Being able to see shows like Fantasmic, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Philharmagic. Social distancing might make it hard or impossible to sit in theaters or amphitheaters like those shows take place in. 2) Enjoying table-service and character dining like Be Our Guest, Chefs de France, and 1900 Park Fare, which might also be a stretch if social distancing is still going on. 3) Overall just getting the Disney feel, still be able to swim in the pools, doing rides, shopping, riding the monorail, and character meetings. If we can't do a majority of the activities associated with Disney World I'm not sure it would be worth the money we'd have to save up all summer and school year for it. I want to take my boyfriend to Disney and make sure he can really have fun and have a good Disney experience.

So, should we do the beach with my family next summer just to be safe and go in 2022, or go in 2021 to avoid potential 2022 crowds and enjoy his first visit as couple not a whole family?


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I'd say wait a while and see how Disney rebounds from this time going forward. You have the time to wait it out a while to decide on booking. Since your boyfriend has never been I'd suggest youd want to give him a great first time experience and the way it looks now theres going to be a lot to be missing out on. Your excitement of showing him the Disney you know and love wont be there. Giving yourself more time to save for a better trip might be the way to go for now. because of your priorities , I'd hate for you to be saying " I loved this and wish you could see it."
Take a wait and see approach for now. IF things quickly improve and we can see the semblance of the old Disney return, then book. You arent alone....We are all trying to decide if theres enough value in upcoming trips to go now or wait.
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