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Looking to book 4 days in DLP in May 2020, for 2 adults and 2 children (4 and 2 year old). This will have to be in UK half term week as I work in a school myself.

I can’t find any train prices for that time, dates only go up to December this year. So has anyone been to DLP in the May half term by train? And how much did you pay?

And is there anything else I need to know? Never been to DLP but been to WDW 3 times.


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It says somewhere on the Eurostar website how far in advance the direct trains go on sale, they save a lot of hassle but are liable to be expensive during the holidays due to demand.

Indirect trains via Lille go on sale much closer to the time and are always cheaper.

I'd use the Eurostar website to look at other school holidays such as October half term for prices.
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