Matchbooks...from where???

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Hey, please take a look at these. Yeah, that's our last name. My wife just found them in a box of matchbooks she's been saving since we first went together to WDW in 1978 and DL in 1980. Any idea where they're from? Pretty sure they're from a Disney restaurant where they took our reservation...but we can't remember where or when! Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!


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I have no idea. I've never seen anything Disney generated that just had a personalized name on them. All the Matchbooks Ive ever seen from Disney has had an identifying logo from a resort or restaurant or in some way was advertising Disney.
I would expect if they were from Disney even back then, there would be some identifying markings other than just your name. Could she have included these matchbooks from someplace else from your trip into the box?

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