Trip Club March 2017


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We are booked March 4th-11th at POFQ. It will be me, hubby, & younger daughter in our room. My older daughter, her hubby, & two kids in another room. We're excited as this is my son-in-laws 1st trip with us because he was in for the Navy for our last 2 trips. He will be fresh off of a deployment & is looking forward to this much needed vacation for them. It is also our 1st time at POFQ & we can't wait to experience it!


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Feb 27-March 10, currently booked at CBR but hoping to switch to POR if a room opens up with the PSD package. Big family reunion, 5-6 families total. Cannot wait! The planning is a blast.


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We just moved to Florida. We are now living close to our happy place! We have a Florida resident discounted vacation March 12-15! So happy! Can't wait to get an annual pass next year!:D


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We’re headed down for Spring Break, March 26-31. It’s a combo celebration of our first family vacay, as my DH & I married in November, our oldest daughter’s Sweet 16 & our youngest daughter’s 10th bday. It’ll be our only big vacation for the year bc our youngest daughter is having a major surgery the following week. So we’re trying to make this trip as fun & as memorable as possible.
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