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I'd like to try the kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream.
If my son didn't come down with the flu on our last days there we had planned to walk over from Epcot to get one.

WE have 6 (3 teenagers and a 10 year old) of us and we cannot finish it... :)


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I am with @DisneyDebNJ , Ohana as much as I can eat! I wonder if they can serve everything backwards this summer so I don't fill up on dumplings:D My only request is I would still like my Lapu lapu first:rolleyes:
But the dumplings are soooooo good.
Truth be told, I only ate 4 shrimp, 1 large hunk of steak and 1 small hunk of turkey (?) last year because I had filled up on salad, noodles and dumplings ... and I needed to save some room for dessert.

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