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Hello my name is Anna and have a question for familys who's child had a trip threw make a wish.My son Bentley was granted his wish to go to wdw for the holidays.were going Dec 29-jan4.i have a question about front of Line access for wish kids and people with disabilities in the busy time of year.i want him to be as comfortable as worried we might have to wait for hours in line for they still look after the wish kids in this time of year.Thank you.


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While I cannot speak directly about Make a Wish kids, the guest assistance program is in effect all year long. Guest accomidations are made to accomidate the specific need. If your child has a reason that they cannot wait in a line, then they will be accomidated.

Just to be clear, you need to set this up with guest relations. Dont just walk up to a line and expect them to accomidate you. You need to stop by guest relations first and get the proper forms / ID



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Congratulations on your child getting his wish! I don't have personal experience with your questions, but a coworker of mine went for their child's Wish last year. From her report they received front of the line priority to every attraction and show.

Hopefully people who have done this will chime in. Wishing you a Magical trip!!!!


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Hi Anna, I was at wdw for Halloween for my daughter's wish trip. Assuming that your child's trip will be like mine, your child should receive what they call a "Genie wishes pass". It is basically an unrestricted "fast pass" that will allow your group into the shortest line for each ride and show, and allows you to bypass lines to meet mascots. The longest line we had to wait in was for the banshee flight simulator at animal kingdom, and it was less than fifteen minutes. I hope this helps, and I hope your trip is as magical as ours was. Feel free to ask me any other questions you may have and I'll be happy to help if I can.
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