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Main Street Electrical Parade dining package replaced with Festival of Fantasy dining


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Yeah, I don't like that. It only seems to have worked a few of the times i've been on SDMT and the one time I went on FEA it didn't work either.
Weird. Are you sure you were wearing a magic band that is linked to your account. I've never had it not work on any attraction.

How old is your magic band?


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RoL is happening within the next four months, so you can stop the meltdown about that show now

still got some weak water screens.....i really hope they replace alot of those component's so regular winds can be overcome.....if the show comes of not now is just meh they already dropped the ball so bad....


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I doubt he will care.

Call Festival of Fantasy the MSEP and call Fantasmic! Rivers of Light. He won't be able to tell the difference as he's never been before.

This elaborate ruse will provide excitement!

Or continue being an Eeyore, ruin his first visit so he never wants to return, and cry a lot.

Your choice.

im not one to often call WDW magic harsh but.....this is harsh.

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