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Trip Report Magical MAYhem


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Monday 6th May Day 3

Waking up bright and early Monday morning we discovered that the weather wasnt looking so hot (again) and rain was due in the afternoon. We decided to forgoe our waterpark day and head to the place that must not be named... aka Universal!

We love disney but we also love Universal to. I think they are both entirely different experiences and ways of 'doing' a theme park. We're lucky that staying for two weeks enables us to get a taste of both.

The luck was on our side this morning and when we were shown to the parking spot we got the end of the aisle closest to the escalator #winning!387412
I'm sure any of you who have driven to disney before know that feeling of hoping you will get a parking spot near the tram spot only to be sent right to the end of the parking row. its only an extra 100m but it feels so much longer especially after a tired day in the parks.

Walking into universal always feels like its much busier than when you actually get to the park since its the same route to get to both of the parks.
Trying to ignore the grey clouds above us.

we headed over to Universal Studios first as the app showed that it had the shorter wait times. Ignoring the rides near the entrance of the park we headed over to diagon alley as gringotts was showing a 20min wait.387414
I Love the theming and the pre show to this ride. it makes the wait feel shorter than it is and when your waiting for less than 20mins it feels like you breeze through. My only gripe is the part where they try to shoe horn you into having a 'photopass' style photo- every time i politely say no thank you and the TM's are quite happy to send us straight on with the queue. The ride itself is one of the best in orlando in my opinion with the perfect combo of real life animatronics, 3d screens and coaster type thrills.

getting out of the ride we took some time to experience diagon alley itself. We enjoyed browsing through the shops but didnt feel like there was much different since we visited in september 18.
got to get the photoshoot in 😂

Leaving diagon alley we noticed a wait time sign that showed MIB with only a 10min wait. This is another shoot em' up ride that we feel we could be much better at. I dont have any ride photos but I'm pretty sure A beat me again, sigh!

We had left the hotel room without having any breakfast so we were feeling pretty hungry at this poin. we decided to have an early lunch (I think it was around 11.30am). A place we'd never had food from before was the 'springfield' area of the park so we treated ourselves to Krusty burger. A had a Ribwhich, he says hes wanted one since watching it on the tv show. I had a 'Clogger burger' that made me feel super healthy... not!
the clogger = a tasty beast!
A was quite dissapointed with his ribwich. he says that the meat was more like a patty rather than chunks of rib which he was what he was hoping for.

after our food we thought we would try out the new fast and furious ride. we hadn't ridden on it before and the less than stellar reviews didn't exactly fill us with confidence it would be a ride to remember. the queue would be interesting if your in to cars and I have to give the pre-show actors a 10/10. They are dealing with a lot of minimal enthusiasm and put the effort in to get people involved and smiling. The ride itself... is a bit of a disaster. the story is equal parts crazy/stupid and forgettable. not a fitting replacement for the previous earthquake/disaster ride.

Next up on our way around the park we stopped by jimmy fallon. We managed to walk straight on the ride. I prefer this to fast and furious but I do think these rides are a dip in the quality that we all expect. If they both disappeared tomorrow i don't think i would mind.

To Be Continued...


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Monday 6th May Day 3 Continued

The weather was threatening rain so we headed back out of the parks again.

evidence of our awesome car parking spot!

the love bug situation is no joke.

We went to the Orlando Premium Outlets on international drive before some window shopping and then headed to disney springs before our cinema booking.

It was our first time in the completely refurbished World of disney and i have to say I really like it. its much less muddled and you can find your way around much more easily.387459
practicing again for the wedding!

I treated myself to a pastel blue magic band that was around $12 after discount.

Next up was something we've been waiting for... Avengers end game!!!!!
We booked for the Dine in theater since we don't have those in the uk. We ordered the sampler appetizers to start, A had the fish tacos and i ordered some loaded fries. Everything was going so well but i had started to feel sick on our way into the theater and it was getting progressively worse.:hungover: I felt to ill to eat any of the lovely food we'd ordered:cry:

I didn't get to eat any of the food but I did start to feel a bit better as the movie progressed. I wonder if i had not had enough to drink that day and waiting between 11:30am to 8pm to eat is not a good idea! We both really enjoyed the movie and its definitely one we will buy on dvd. I dont know about you guys but we tend to rate movies by worth a cinema visit but not to buy, buy on dvd or wait until its on TV.

I think we left the cinema around 11pm and headed back to the hotel for a much needed sleep!


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Tuesday 6th May
Day 4

Today was going to be a waterpark day! I absolutely love the waterparks and Disney and today we were heading to Blizzard beach!

But first.... BREAKFAST!

I ordered myself the grand Slamwich, it was delicious! Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham and American cheese in a sandwich! We never get sandwiches this amazing back home! Oh yeah... and the hash browns are amazing too!

N ordered herself the grand slam slugger... and forgot hers came with a side of pancakes...

Hope you've got your appetite back N!

We got to blizzard beach about 10:15 headed to a nice little spot just tucked back behind the decking overlooking the wave pool and set up there. Turns out this may have been a bad spot for us, because we were right next door to the funnel cake vendor and it smelt AMAZING!

Summit Plummet awaiting me... 'Cue dramatic music'

We walked round, or used the lazy river to get round the park. N loves to just float round the lazy river all day, i'm more a ride guy myself. So i managed to convince her to do a few slides We did the team boat springs, snow stormers & Toboggan racers. Then spent more time in the wave pool. N just wanted to float all day 😂

It was beginning to head into early afternoon and we were both a little peckish and struggling to resist the smells of the funnel cake vendor. N ended up grabbing a HUGE donut and i went for the fried ice cream (Something else we are deprived of in the U.K)

N said it just the right amount of sweetness without being too much.

My fried ice cream... I was very tasty although i started to feel ill towards the end of it!

After that we relaxed some more in the lazy river, i quickly dashed on Summit Plummet because, well why not? I love that ride, that terrifying feeling you get just as you slip over the edge and zoom down toward the bottom is just brilliant!

We got back to the hotel late afternoon and got showered and dressed up to head out for something to eat.

We decided to head to Olive garden, we'd never been there before and before coming to the states i had been binge watching the Sopranos and consequently had a craving for Italian food!

We got there about 7pm and got the choice to sit inside or outside, outside was seat yourself so we just went for that and had a nice little table that overlooked some of International drive, but i could also have a crafty peak of the NBA playoffs on the TV on the wall hehe!!

Our waiter got us started with some of their breadsticks which were bigger than what were used to back home!
That's what we get back home... Probably no bigger than a cigar... Olive Garden put them to shame! They were amazing!! (Unfortunately no pictures of them, we scoffed them down before thinking!)

I ordered the seafood Alfredo
Lots of yummy scallops and shrimp in there! Omnomnom!

N had the chicken and Shrimp Carbonara. Which she assures me was very tasty! (Rich and indulgent were words thrown in there)

We got back to the hotel around 9PM, nice and relaxed from our very chilled day!


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It's always fun to see where international travelers go to eat while on Holiday in the US. You said Olive Garden and I thought, why in the world would you go there?!!? I think for a lot of us who stay on property, once we get into the Disney bubble, we stay there and don't venture outside the bubble to eat.


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Wednesday 8th May- Day 5

today started slowly with us not getting to Animal kingdom until 10:15am. We had to rush to our first fastpass on Expedition Everest.
trying our hand at gurning 🤪

On our way off the ride we noticed the family in front of us stop for a photo. A little girl tried to join what must have been her mum and older sister for the photo only to be told by her mum 'no hunny, you cant have your photo taken you didn't ride'. Now bearing in mind this little girl looked about four years old and probably wasn't tall enough to ride we thought it was a bit harsh!!! At least say one photo for everyone that rode and then another to include the little girl? Some people astound me!
the scene of the crime!

shaking off the odd family we headed over to kali river rapids as the queue was short and we were already starting to feel toasty.
dry and toasty faces at the start of the ride.

We've always enjoyed kali river rapids for the fact that usually we get enough wet to enjoy ourselves and cool down but not enough to get soaked through. Today was a different story, WE.. GOT.. SOAKED!!! I dont know if it was the angle of where we sat on the raft however in the first couple of drops after this photo we both got soaked head to toe! as well as the girls sitting next to us. The other people on the raft thought it was hilarious, until then got soaked aswell ha! (misery loves company 😂)388934
A says the photos dont do how wet he was real justice!
theres nothing like your clothes being so wet they stick to you lol! I was seriously regretting my choice to wear denim at this point...

We decided to head over the maharajah jungle trek and try to dry off a bit. All was looking good except none of the animals were actually out to see. so we just took a nice stroll and enjoyed the foliage hehe

I think it was around midday at this point and we were feeling peckish so we headed to yak and yeti for our lunch. perhaps a controversial opinion but yak and yeti is definitely my favourite QS restaurant right now in AK. We both had the honey chicken. I think honey chicken is a meal that's very hard to get wrong. we have no photos of our food so here is one of me with a drink in front of the tree of life.


it was now time for second fastpass of the day: Kilimanjaro sarafis. I'd say this trek as solid in terms of animal sightings considering it was around the warmest time of the day.388953
it turns out we only took photos of giraffe...

after KS we headed through the gorrila falls trek and again most of the animals were not out! Maybe it was enclosure cleaning day or something?

We did get to see the African dancers doing there thing. I don't know how they manage to do those tricks in the mid day heat and manage to get everyone involved and enjoying themselves.

we would have liked to have watched the whole show but our 3rd fastpass was calling to us: Dinosaur! 388956

It doesnt matter how many times i ride dinosaur it never bores me. I also feel a bit nervous by the time the science guy is shouting 'Were not gonna make it!!!!'😆

On our way into the queue we overheard a conversation between a man and his son (maybe like 9 years old- i dont know we dont have children lol).

- Son is looking for reassurance (i think he had just been on its tough to be a bug)
-Dad 'Don't worry son I promise that there'll be no more scary rides'

Now I don't know if they'd ever been to disney before but I would definitely class dinosaur as a scary ride! I wish we had seen them on the ride lol I have a feeling that the father/son trust may have been broken...

To be continued...


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It's always fun to see where international travelers go to eat while on Holiday in the US. You said Olive Garden and I thought, why in the world would you go there?!!? I think for a lot of us who stay on property, once we get into the Disney bubble, we stay there and don't venture outside the bubble to eat.
HAAHAHA!! we feel the same when people come over to the uk and try all of our stodgy food! I think when we deciding to eat there we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It seems like everyone goes to olive garden on tv shows and movies etc.

I'm just glad it wasn't awful! lol


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HAAHAHA!! we feel the same when people come over to the uk and try all of our stodgy food! I think when we deciding to eat there we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It seems like everyone goes to olive garden on tv shows and movies etc.

I'm just glad it wasn't awful! lol
I'm glad it was good for you... I don't mind olive garden... and the breadsticks are normal size for here in the US, the skinny crusty bread things they give you on your side of the pond are only at VERY FANCY italian restaurants here.


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Wednesday 8th May- Day 5 continued

I just realised i didnt add our ride photo from dinosaur! I just went to the MDE app and couldn't find it on mine but the photo was present on A's so here it is!

'Don't worry, we're not doing any more scary rides'

After dinosaur we were feeling pretty thirsty, so grabbed a couple of diet cokes from the vendor near It's tough to be a bug and decided to people watch.

We were sat enjoying watching the world go by and then the BEST THING EVER happened... We saw Kevin!!! Pixar's UP is one of my favourite films and the song 'married life' from the soundtrack gives me the feels every time i listen to it. So when I saw a huge life size version of Kevin I just couldnt help but smile 😁

cheesy grins everywhere!

I love the way Kevin just wanders around interacting with anyone and anything she sees! She went over to dug and russel and had a mini reunion, got involved in the photopass photos and then joined the dance party for the twist.389282
i love him...

posing for a photo!

We made our way into its tough to be a bug once we were feeling rested. I think we more or less walked straight in as they were letting people enter the theater and managed to get a seat right in the middle- not bad at all! I always enjoy the show but was disappointed to see that hopper was broken. Instead of him appearing and being lit up the area where he appears remained dark and you could only hear a floating voice. It was as if flick was talking to thin air.. i hate to think what people who have never seen the show would be thinking?

We were feeling hot and sticky so we decided to head back to the hotel for a swim and relax. It was the first and only time we did this the love bug situation was just insane!! it made for a pretty unpleasant swim.

After freshening up we headed over to Joe's crab shack to get our seafood fix. We've only had lovely service from Joe's and today was no exception. I cant remember our servers name but he was also training up someone new. I had the queen crab steam bucket and A had the 24 shrimp plate.
I was a little bit disappointed with the overall flavour of this. Id gone for a garlic seasoning but couldn't really taste it. next time i knew to go back to the cajun seasoning.

A really enjoyed his meal and says his favourite bit was the garlic shrimp. he put all his fries in the garlic sauce to soak up all the flavour. It's a good job i don't mind garlic breath ha!

After eating we were still feeling pretty awake so we decided to head over to hollywood studios to watch fantasmic. We were lucky and managed to get a fastpass for midway mania on our way in.

We've never driven into a park so close to closing before and were surprised when all the the parking booths were closed.. we stopped the car for a minute and just looked around trying to get a clue. Luckily A spotted a sign that said to drive through on the left hand side of the booths. We were luck finding a parking spot really close to the entrance!

We headed into the park just as the sun was starting to set around 7.50pm.

the sunset makes everything just look so much prettier and gives the 1920's theme a cool vibe.389288

We headed over to toy story land and made it just in time for our fastpass. We more or less walked straight through the queue and were directed over to the third track which we hadnt ridden before389289
A won.. again... sigh! he was best in vehicle this time with a score of 194,000. i got wrist cramp right at the final screen and failed miserably!389290
As our ride vehicle stopped and the safely bars unlocked A's did not and he was stuck! One of the CM's came over to us and as he unlocked A's seat casually commented 'oh I see someones stuck here, It only does it to ones it likes'. After a shared chuckle between us all we were off on our way.

To be Continued...


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I'm glad it was good for you... I don't mind olive garden... and the breadsticks are normal size for here in the US, the skinny crusty bread things they give you on your side of the pond are only at VERY FANCY italian restaurants here.
I love that you only get our breadsticks at fancy restaurants. They're literally pennies at home. Italian restaurants need to up their game lol!


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Wednesday 8th May- Day 5 continued, continued...

Time was now cutting a bit close for us to get a seat for fantasmic so we headed down sunset boulevard a quickly as possible.
There is always time for a quick selfie when the sky is that gorgeous!

We were lucky in that we managed to get a seat together in the theatre but unlucky in the fast we were right at the Left hand side. Usually we get there with plenty of time and were near the middle so it was different being at such an angle.

We didnt capture many photos but suffice to say we enjoyed fantasmic as always. The only difference we noticed in the show this evening was that there was no snow white and her prince on the floating boats when there are all the princesses ad there princes. at that section of the song nothing happened and the other princesses/princes continued with there dance. It wasn't as noticeable as I thought it would be.


After a fun packed day it was time to head back to the hotel for some sleep!


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Thursday 9th May Day 6

Today started off a little bit different in that we (I) had something exciting planned outside of disney (if thats possible). As I've mentioned (many) times already were getting married in September and this morning I had my hair and makeup trial booked in!!!!

As a naturally curly girl and someone who only dabbles in makeup ( the veterinary world doesn't really lend itself to looking your best, being able to wash your face at any notice is always handy ha!) I wanted to have a trial so i felt comfortable putting my trust in someone on the wedding day.

In comes the lovely Cindy from Beaute Speciale. From the second she wheeled her giant suitcase full of tricks and magic inside the hotel room I felt immediately at ease. Poor A had to suffer through our chatting about everything under the sun for an hour and a half but i think it was worth it!

The end result!! I will certainly make a couple of changes to the finished product but I really couldn't be happier.

For the first time in my life I fully embraced being vein and enjoyed every photo of myself... prepare yourselves... there may be a lot ha!
Case and point......

Today we were headed into epcot to have a look around the flower and garden festival and to have a wander around the boardwalk and have a peek at the wedding ceremony location.

The sun was shining as we walked into epcot389651
I cant wait until what we call 'the mauseleum' in front of SSE is gone.

Our first fastpass of the day was Test track and as we made our way over to the ride it did that odd florida thing where it rains over you but you cant see a grey cloud over your head at all. I have given up on trying to understand florida weather 😆 We arrived at test track with just a few minutes to spare!

Our car creation

Whilst in the loading area we heard those magical words 'party of two???' and immediately shot our hands in the air. We got on the ride all the quicker but as the ride started we realised we must have been too late in scanning our magic bands so we don't know how our car would have feared against the others.
I don't know why i thought it would be a good idea to ride test track with a full face of makeup and 'fancy' hair but i guess i know it will withstand a lot on the wedding day :p A on the other hand was doing an impression of the fonz.

Suitably windswept we were feeling hungry so we headed over to the electric umbrella to get some food, both of us had the nugget meal. you really cant go wrong with chicken nuggets in disney world but i cant wait for the electric umbrella to get a refurb, its so dark and dingey in there and the decoration is so outdated. No pictures of the nuggets but im sure you all remember what a disney chicken nugget looks like!

Our tummies nice and full we decided to head over to the living seas as the rides in that area are all nice smooth.389656
the message this sculpture sends is so important and its darn cute to boot!


We waited only 5-10 minutes to get on the nemo and friends ride and before we knew it were in the aquarium. Every visit we just have to visit the manatees! They have a special place in both mine and adams hearts ever since I introduced him to them and he called them 'floating turds'. suffice to say hes now changed his opinion and loves them as much as I do!389658
we arrived not long after feeding time and lou and lil' joe were just bobbing along there enclosure waiting to get to their backstage area. the CM nearby informed us that their backstage enclosure was being cleaned and they're not big fans of only being allowed in one area and were ready to investigate.

After the manatees we went to look in the larger aquariums. The dolphins had just been given some new toys as enrichment a friendly CM informed us and we were treated to a lovely site seeing the dolphins play around.


After seeing the dolphins I couldnt resist one last peak at lou and lil' joe.
They're just so darn cute!!!!!

To be continued....


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Thursday 9th May- Day 6 continued

On our way out of the living seas we saw a PP photographer and thought wed take a quick pic.
this photo hides how hot and sweaty we were feeling.

We had a look at the wait times for Soarin' and Living with the land but they were just too long for us to want to stand a while. We walked over to journey into imagination where it was literally a walk on.

Now I know this is certainly a controversial opinion but I really am ready for Disney to just knock this whole area down and rebuild. I loved the original ride and don't mind it in its most recent edition but its just looking very tired and worn and could do with a replacement. The Pixar shorts are also nice but I can watch those at home and feel like the theatre has so much more potential.

Rant over... :p

We decided it was time to do a tour of half the worlds on our way to the boardwalk just as the rain came down in earnest. We thought that the butterfly garden would shield us somewhat from the rain but we were oh so wrong!389662
the flowers in here are lovely!

We don't have any photos of our path through Canada and England but we were mainly just trying to get out of the rain.
dryness at last at the boat dock. It's interesting to see the progress on the ratatouille ride. We have lots of friends who have ridden it in Paris and say its really enjoyable so hopefully it will be a good addition to the park.

Once we had sailed over to the boardwalk the rain was starting to let up. We were about to head straight to Sea Breeze point however there was a wedding taking place. I was so excited to see what another couple had done in our ceremony location so we thought we would get some ice cream and secretly stalk them at a distance lol

A had the ooey gooey butter cake
Happy with his sampler.

he decided to have it as a ice cream sandwich rolled in MM's

I went with a combo of coffee toffee coffee and sweet cream and cookies.
Cheers! The coffe ice crea had chunks of daim bar in it and tasted like heaven!

Meanwhile A was too busy getting on with eating his ice cream before it melted everywhere!

We looked over at SBP and watched the ceremony unfold.
the bride and groomed looked so happy and everyone wished them a congratulations as they went by. It makes me so excited for our big day!

Once everyone had left we snuck over to have a look before they tidied up the area.389671
Can you tell I'm excited????

Seeing the venue made us all the more certain that we'd made the right choice having the wedding in disney.389672

To be Continued...


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Thursday 9th May - Day 6 Continued, continued....

We have lots more photos of the venue but I wont bore you all with them!
I did however wonder if this little guy could be trained to be our ring bearer.....

Feeling nice and rested we thought we would take the walk back to the international gateway rather than the boat. On our way through the ticket booths (I really don't know what we call these anymore?) A was held back by security, again.

We took a stroll the other way round the worlds as the humidity continued to rise.
I love seeing everything this store in japan has to offer but very rarely buy anything:facepalm:

We took a photo of no face on our shoulder as he reminds us of our Budgie Buzzby when he gets excited!

Buzzby showing off his no face.

As we were touring the worlds we decided to take a break just as they were bringing the globe etc into the lagoon for illuminations that evening.
ignoring the ominous clouds...

I've never seen the globe come out before and to be hoenst hadnt even thought about it until that day. It was an interesting sight to see since our time with this show is now limited.

I swear we took more photos of the lovely flowers and plants on show but the only photo i could find for this day was this one after we had stopped for a couple of glasses of water...

Maybe there will be more as i hunt through the photos, who knows!

Because we had spent so much time visiting our venue and walking around the worlds we missed our 2nd FP for mission space but had gotten round in time for our final FP on SSE.

I can't remember which options we chose but i know i was trying to get us a new version of the ending.

The clouds were now threatening rain and we could hear thunder in the distance so we made a bid for the exit before the real rain began.389683
these clouds were not fooling around. no sooner had we made it to the car that the heavens opened.

To be continued, again.....



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Hair and makeup is outstanding. She did a great job (and it held up so well in the heat and humidity). You'll make a stunning bride. Congrats!


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Thursday 9th May - Day 6 (Continued)

On our way back from Epcot we had been musing the possibility of buying an action cam for the waterparks and to use on our wedding day. So we thought we would make use of the exchange rate (as terrible as it is... thanks Brexit...) and grab ourselves a Gopro! We bought one from the best buy at Mall at Millenia and topped up on some fuel at the Speedway nearby!

By now we were feeling pretty parched and peckish, but we did not know what we fancied, so the decision was to Head to millers! We love eating here and it really isn't far from the hotel which means we could both enjoy a drink.

We got the loaded fries
Cheese, onions, ranch dressing (Another thing we are deprived of over the pond) it was Yummy!!

We also decided to get some of the potstickers
These are just out of this world!

and the Terayaki BBQ wings. These tasted awesome! So much so that my t shirt wanted to try them, when one dropped and decided to roll all the way down my shirt and onto my shorts. Yayyyy....

Of course we had to get a pitcher of the electric blue cocktail as well!

After cleaning myself off in the toilet we potter'd back to the hotel and collapsed in bed around 11pm
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