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tips for magic kingdom park
1-start your day by picking up a fast pass assignment for your fav attraction.
2- if thers 2 performances of the evening parade , the later one tends to draw smaller crowds
3-wear comfortable shoes ,you will spend lots of time on your feet.
4-dying to meet MICKEY MOUSE ?head to the judges tent toontown fair,you will have to go thoughhis house to get to MICKEY they greet all day!
5-aviod meal time rushes by eating early and later before 11am and after 2pm.
bfore 5pm and or after 8pm
6-check the tip boards for information located near the bridge before you walk over to see the castle.good place to see when parades and atractions are starting.
7-break up your day on hot days get early at the magic kingdom spend the morning til noon head back to your resort for a swim or nap ,come bak after the sun goes down ,dont forget to get your hand stamped when leaving you will need it even if you got another park plus your tickets.
8-if your party splits up or lets say your child gets lost let them know city hall on main street is cast members help when lost or meeting when you get seperated or if you want to go in diffrent groups this good place to meet back at
9-for full service meals and at the magic kingdom make advance priority seating arrangements by calling 407-939-3463
10-leaving the park after late nights after the parade and wishes is over consider staying shopping, parks stay open 1 hour after closing.also if your in a hurry and you need to goto your car at the transportation center dont use the monrail to the right which is the transportation center but use the left which is the hotels and get off at the polynessian hotel ists short walk to the ttc ,i used this before very helpful!
10-wishes new fireworks show for a good seat i hear on main street or nears poohs ride ,dont get near trees you lose some of the show ,one the best shows i seen on video if you like goto,
skippy has wishes on 3 meadia parts if you have cable or dsl you will see the show like you were ther in person ,narrated by jimmy crickett and fireworks are awesome!

remmeber this all started by a mouse (MICKEY MOUSE0
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