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Magic Express Tags


New Member
For our visit in January 2017, we checked our bags and everything worked perfectly. However, it did take probably close to 3 hrs to get our bags to our rooms. No problem for us since we arrived in the AM with backpacks with our bathing suits, and other items necessary for the morning at the resort. We happened to be at our room around 2 hrs after arrival and they weren't there yet. Next time we went back they were there. So I know it took at least 2 hrs. With a late arrival and little kids, I would take our own so that you can go to sleep and get ready for an early morning :)


New Member
I also remember our tags arriving after our bands, maybe a week before our flight. I was getting nervous. And we found our Mickey Luggage tags in the bottom of the box with our MagicBands, but my elderly parents didn't notice they were there until I told them


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I received mine about 2 months ahead of the trip in the past. But, strangely, I just received the luggage tags for my trip in March 2018...