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Magic Bands off property?


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If you are staying off property, it sounds like you do not get a Magic Band by default, which makes sense. I've read that you can still buy one, but is there really any point/advantage? I was hoping to link a CC to a Magic Band just for paying for merchandise around the parks, but it sounds like you can only do that if it's tied to an on property reservation?

Can someone clear this up for me a little further? Thank you!


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Offsite guests can only use a Magic Band for admission and Fastpasses. But a ticket does the same thing, so there is no real advantage to buying a band.

Only onsite guests can link a credit card to their resort and use the band for charging throughout the parks.


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We bought Magic Bands for our stay at the Swan a couple of years ago. We were fully aware that we wouldn't have all of the functions we'd have had we stayed at a Disney resort, but after a trips to Disneyland with no MBs, we decided it's worth it for ticket and fast pass convenience.
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