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Magic Bands are on the Way!!!


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We declined this time because we HAVE SO MANY.....but i am regretting that decision a little. :)

Even after quite a few trips, I still like getting that email, and regular mail!

Enjoy AKL. We head there in December!
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That mail is so exciting. I cant wait, but we are still 51 days out so I have a few weeks before I get my tags (We already have the bands because we did he upgrade). I hope you have a magical trip, AKL is beautiful !
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We just got our luggage tags Saturday and should be getting our bands next week. So exciting. Now is trying to decide on outfits and purchase new shirts to make sure they get here before the visit.
Have a great trip!!!
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Original Poster
Thanks, we hope to have a great visit! Going for the Christmas Decorations mainly and going to Mickey's Christmas Party one night.

Hope everyone else has a great trip too!!
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