Magic Bands and "Contactless Pay"

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Trying to understand my options. I will be traveling with 2 unrelated people. My plan was to stock up on Disney gift cards for my in-park purchases. The others would use personal credit cards or their own gift cards.
Can each person's personal credit card info be stored on the Magic Band? I am primary on the reservation, so my VISA info in already on file.
Can I link a gift card to my Magic Band?

What I'm asking:
Can "Jane" add her Master Card info to her band?
Can "Mary" add her Discover card info to her band?
Can I change from my VISA to a gift card on my band?

If none of these options are available with the Magic Bands, can we still pay with a regular credit card? If not, how does that work? Do we need apps, QR readers, etc on our phones? Or will it be as simple as I swipe my card without the clerk/server touching it?

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I think I've read reports that the front desk can assign different credit cards to different peoples MagicBand, but it can go wrong.
You can pay off the balance on your room account using a gift card, but this needs to be done retrospectivly, so the front desk need to take a credit card as normal, then regularly and before the last night (as final charges are applied overnight on your last night at the resort) go to the front desk and pay down the balance using the gift card.

If you have Apple Pay or a contactless bank card then you can just tap on Mickey and pay that way, otherwise you need to use your bank chard as normal at the register.
At DisneyWorld I charged to my room account using the magic band and then paid it using credit card and gift card.
But at Disneyland I just used Apple Pay everywhere (as not staying on site).


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You can assign different cards to each person at the front desk. Then just get each person to buy a snack or something and check the charges have been put onto the different accounts.

They charge to the CCs either when it reaches a certain limit or every 3-4 days.

You cannot however “preload” your account with money or gift cards.

For info, you can also allow or disallow charging for kids, and place limits on each one.

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I think I understand.
One more Q:

Will I be able to use Gift Cards at point of sale? Is there a contactless option with them?


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Can each person's personal credit card info be stored on the Magic Band?
Point of clarification - nothing is stored ON a Magic Band, especially credit card info.

When a Magic Band is scanned, it has a unique identifier in it that is looked up in Disney's systems and it finds your My Disney Experience account. Each person can have a seperate form of payment in their MDE account, you can confirm or update this form of payment at the front desk of your resort.

I am not sure how they will make the Magic Bands contactless, usually when you "tap to pay" with your band, you need to enter a 4-digit PIN code that is setup when you setup your form of payment in your MDE account (for security). In other words, usually when the CM tells you to tap your band, you do so and wait for it to turn green, and then enter the pin code, and then the transaction goes thru.


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A bit late, but you can use gift cards/alternate forms of payment at the desk, even after the folio has been closed. They just handle it as a return/credit. So you pay $50 via gift card, they just refund $50 to the credit card that was charged. Of course this means that you won't "get" that money back for the 3-7 days it seems to take most CC companies to process refunds, but it is an option.
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