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Looking for Olszewski products


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Hello to all the American fans!

I introduce myself quickly, my name is Tommorrow77 and I am a Disney French fan (I live near Disneyland Paris ;)) and I will very soon leave on a trip to Walt Disney World (from mid-September to early October).
If I send you this message, it's because since (very) long time, I intend to buy the magnificent miniature of the Cinderella's Castle made by Robert Olszewski. I traveled in 2013 and unfortunately the castle was out of stock. I intend to catch up for my next trip :D ! But to be honest, I am afraid to not find it. And by visiting the Disney Store site that sells Disney Parks products, the castle is announced out of stock.
So if one of you goes regularly to the resort, can confirm if the product is still available :angelic: !

Thanks a lot for your help !



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There are several on Ebay ranging from 500-900 dollars. Not sure if any of them would ship internationally or if you would be interested in buying over Ebay, but it's just a possibility.


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Hi rob0519 !

Thank you for your answer ! The best for me will be to buy the castle directly in the parks ! It'll be less expensive and more symbolic to buy inside the parks ! This is why I'm asking if somebody who's going to the resort can check for me if it's still available ;)