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Looking For Large Party ADR Advice


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So we have a trip coming up in October, we are in our window already, so it might be a moot point.

We are traveling to WDW with a big family trip. 6 adults and 4 children aged 1.5-8.

The kids have never been, my in-laws are going to be celebrating their 40th anniversary the day we arrive. MIL and FIL have only been to Disney during the summer months, so for them it has a negative experience. They also only stayed offsite, this will be a first for them as this is my wife and I’s DVC welcome home visit.

All that said, any recommendations for a restaurant which can seat 10 and be something the kids would enjoy and while being an only at Disney experience?

Thank you in advance!


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Most of the seated restaurants should be able to handle 10 people. Liberty Tree Tavern shows that you can make reservations for a group of up to 49.
The most important question is what would your group would enjoy the most, and go ahead and make your reservation as soon as possible. You can look at all the menus on MDE to make sure a restaurant has items that your family enjoys.



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Ordinarily this shouldn’t be a problem.

However there have been several reports of people not being able to book for parties of more than 6 because restaurants are spacing tables out. I would suggest phoning the dining CMs and seeing if they can help. Otherwise you may find you have to book multiple reservations, and you may have to sit separately.

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