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Looking for a...

Trisha Lynn

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I just made the final payment on our WDW vacation coming up in September and there are two thing I'd like to plan before we get there: Where to eat that's not on Disney property on our first day and where to buy locally spun or dyed yarn.

When my husband and I travel, we like to eat at non-chain or regional-only chain restaurants because we like experiencing food the way the locals do. We're likely to want something in the $15 to $20 per person or entree range and if it's made using local fruit/veg/meat/fish, that's even more awesome. Anything that's on the road between the Orlando airport and WDW property is fair game, and if you have personal experience with the restaurant, that's great.

For yarn, I prefer to shop at a local, small-business store which can feature yarns that are produced or dyed by local folks. I tend to not spend more than $20 a skein, so if I can get away with 2 skeins of worsted or bulky yarn for under $50 including tax, that would be great.

Does anyone have recommendations for me?