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I am looking for a pic of The American Adventure from the plaza on the Future World side of the park. Please post! Thanks! WITH NO OBSTRUCTIONS! Just a cear view across the Lagoon toward AA!
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Well, there is this one I found on BlogMickey...Nothing is obstructing..And the barge is low enough that it doesn't distract...


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I suppose that we could all whine until the sun goes down in the east. I agree that whomever thought of the new setup should have to spend everyday in the pillory over at Liberty Square and Disney should provide baskets of rotten tomatoes to throw at them. That said, the reality of this is that Disney, very unwisely, spent more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetime to engineer, build, ship and set-up this travesty. If anyone wants a comparison then the hatred for the Castle Cake is a minor "emmm" compared to this. At least the cake was interesting. I'm sure it will be a spectacular night show, but at a daytime visual cost that should be considered criminal. Realistically, and this is my point, we have to put up with it until they decide that they got their money back as it floats in ugly splendor in Taco Lagoon.
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