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Live From New York, it's JenniferS' birthday ...


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Going through Customs earlier ....

Customs Agent: What is the value of the goods you are bringing back?
Mike: Just under $400.
CA: Each?
Me: No, combined.
CA: Really?

I'm sure it shows up on the screen that at least three times/year we cross with our allowed maximum exemption, even confessing to being over the limit once in a while ....

And then the one time we go to NYC, a true world shopping destination; we buy squat.

Without the receipts in front of me, we more or less bought: souvenir pics from ESB and 1WTO - $75. Souvenirs from ESB - $80. Souvenirs from Rockefeller Centre (t-shirt and chocolate) - $90. Nightgown from the Plaza - $70. T-shirt and hat from MSG - $25. Judge t-shirt from Modell - $32.

I am just now remembering the two golf shirts from Connolly's pub, which takes us over $400, but under $500. I accidentally threw out the receipt because the shirts had just added to our dining bill.

We spent another $200 at Wegman's on groceries. None of that counts toward your exemption though, except the beer.

It's not that I wasn't willing to spend money, but there was nothing I "had to have". I would have bought a couple of new Pandora charms. I perfectly envisioned exactly what I wanted! Problem is, Pandora has no vision when it comes to classy (using that term loosely here) NYC-themed charms. No ESB. No Chysler Building. And Lady Liberty was really just an undefined lump. Very disappointing.

I've put on a couple of pounds, so no clothes. I hate clothes shopping at the best of times anyway.

Anyway, long story short - I'm probably getting another Dooney next month! So ha!


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Welcome home, Jennifer and Mike! What a fun TR this was--I felt like I was there! :happy: You get points for all the neat plaques you photographed; I learned a lot of city and architectural history from those.
Oy. Goal to finish. I love NYC as a visitor. Timing be darned. My roadtrip was again at the same time as @JenniferS and I've fallen behind. Goal in the next few days to relive her trip.


Yoruba Obladi Oblada brah
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Glad to hear that. I've been to the Observatory and walked around the reflecting pools. Haven't been Brave enough to visit the museum.

Some government entity recently decreed that an additional monument should be added to "Ground Zero" to remember all the first responders who've died because of that day.

When they get around to erecting it, my only sibling's name will be on it. My brother served as a Marine in the first Gulf War, came home and joined NYPD. He was the sergeant in charge of the morgue that was set up at Chelsea Piers in the aftermath of 9/11, and he died 2 years ago after suffering for 1 year from 9/11 related cancer.
I'm so sorry. And no less a patriot for our country. God Bless.