Little Mermaid received the DCA Updates


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I rode Saturday night, and while the black lights were much better, you still see the walls and floor way too much. I kept looking down and going - well, there's the floor. I could get out now. Probably not even get run over.
I agree, but then again we are all looking for these improvements. I wonder what we would think if it looked this way from day 1....? No doubt it still needs a tweak or three though.

Anders Limpar

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Rode it a couple of weeks back. Not terribly bothered if I miss out on this ride on any given trip. It's way too disjointed to live up to the "next e-ticket dark ride" that Disney was briefly pushing leading up to the ride opening.


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I saw it a few days ago, the black light looks better, but they put additional stationary fish in the under the sea scene. That draws your attention upwards at the still visible ceiling. They also didn't fix the large gap of black space between the themed brick work and the lighting rig at load/unload.
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