Lion King or Nemo show at AK? Which is better


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Lion King was always our favorite as they get the crowd involved so much. Our kids loved being "part of the show"!


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Both shows are good, but Lion King is at least an order of magnitude better.


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Both are good, but my preference is Lion King which, IMO, is excellent. Seeing the puppeteers in Nemo ruins the experience for me; I find them distracting. It's hard for me to stay in the "magical moment" when the puppeteers are moving about.


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I vote for both of them. They are 2 completely different productions. Nemo is a Broadway style theater production of Finding Nemo. Lion King is a song, dance and acrobatics show to the music of the movie. Nemo is a traditional theater with the stage in front, Lion King has the stage in the middle with 4 sets of bleachers around it. They are both really cool.


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We prefer Lion King. While Nemo is visually very cool, it went on about 15 min too long for our young boys. However, if your kiddos enjoy broadway they will appreciate both! :) I would suggest checking them out on YouTube if your still undecided.


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Nemo is the better show, it is a lot more theatrical and emotional. But Lion King is probably more child-friendly and has more energy and includes audience participation.

See both if you can, but if you have kids they will probably prefer the shorter more involving Lion King show. As an adult I really prefer the Nemo show.

John park hopper

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That is a hard one saw both in May Lion King -liked them equally. Granddaughters age 4 and 6 liked Nemo saw Lion King at the end of the day so they were tired and getting cranky --they still liked it

Club Cooloholic

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I kinda feel of you have done the Little Mermaid at DHS you got pretty much the same feel as Nemo, So Lion King for me, though if you have younger kids.. Nemo


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I would personally choose Festival of the Lion King. It is considered by many to be a Broadway-level show. All the actors and dancers are excellent, and are dedicated to their craft. My favorite, though, is when this man plays Kiume. Here is some of the other things he has been in (he is the tall bald man):


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I seem to be in the minority as well, but I very much prefer Nemo over The Lion King. TLK has some nice elements - I like the tumble monkeys, and I really like the bird lady flying high on a rope. But overall Nemo just works better for me.

Wendy Pleakley

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Lion King is more popular. Both are quality productions.

I feel that LK is more predictable in terms of what you get. It's a live-action LK highlights reel.

Nemo is more interesting to me in that it delivers something different. Because it's a musical take on a non-musical it's more of a new experience.

Walking out of Nemo one might think, that was a unique take on something I'm familiar with, whereas with LK one might think, yep, that was the Lion King. Which to choose is a matter of personal preference.


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Like others have said both are great, but Lion King gets me emotional every time I see it. A must see, every trip.


I fall asleep in both of them. Nice and cool. Great place to take a nap. HOWEVER, I have woken up more often in Lion King and stayed awake a bit more. And have done FOTLK more times.

I absolutely could never stay awake in the Nemo puppet show, and what I saw was not my cup of tea, so I only did that one twice. At least Lion King has better music and more, interesting, action.
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