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Last minute, as in next Thursday...Am I crazy?


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We have over 20 trips with our family of 8 from way back in 2002. This will be the first I plan in a week.
Going to Naples for Spring Break to see the Grands. They are offering to pay for a chunk of the tickets as an Easter treat for kids.
We can go only Thursday 18th or Wednesday the 24th and MK is Grandmas choice.
Any difference in the date, are both just going to be crazy?
Am I crazy for taking this on?
Any advice?


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We booked a last minute spring break trip, as in booked on Wednesday and flew out Saturday! I liked not really having a plan, but I also prefer my trips planned LOL. We only did 2 park days and it was a very short trip, but we were just there in December for 8 days. You only regret the trips you don't take!


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Since you've been to WDW many times, you won't feel the pressure to do everything, which is good, because the crowds will be big. Get whatever Fastpasses you can now and then just walk around and do whatever else you can. I like to plan, but I tell everybody that they can have a great time with no plan at all as long as you manage expectations and have some patience (and a little luck!)

On both the 18th and 24th, MK is open from 8-12 so they are expecting big crowds. On the 24th, there are also evening EMH from 12-2 so the crowds might be slightly larger, especially in the evening.

Have a wonderful trip!


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If I had the choice of not going at all or going last minute, even with the aspect of no planning or FP+ in place..... Id jump at the chance to go. It wont be the best trip youve had, it wont be giving you all you would like, but you will be at MK and be able to enjoy the atmosphere, the sites, the snacks, and youll get on some rides even if theres a long line. Be patient and enjoy what you can.


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My DW came home one Thursday afternoon in February of 2017 after work, and said, "Get me to Disney!" I jokingly planned a trip with a three night stay at POP. I got up from the computer, and she sat down. When I came back in the room, she said check our email. I pulled it up on my phone and saw the confirmation for the room and flight. We packed and drove three hours to DFW that night, and boarded our plane to MCO early the next morning. Even without the "best" Fastpasses or dining reservations, it remains one of our favorite trips of all time! The kids still talk about it.


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We booked the Homewood Inn Suites LBV, for our tickets and a few AM FP and working on a Liberty Tree Lunch:)
With 6 kids Resort hotels are stupid expensive. We love the 2 bed 2 bath suites at Homewood’s. Oddly Liberty Tree is a family fav, but will keep
am eye out for Tifton’s.
Kids have no idea, we won’t tell them until next Tuesday when we are leaving Naples for Orlando.
Thank you for the encouragement!


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These are my favorite. Just go with it. No planning, just ideas. Honestly, when these trips happen for me, I usually "learn" or "discover" something I had no previous idea about.
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