Kilimanjaro Safaris After Dark - night safari


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Bug bites! My wife got a bunch of serious bites on a later Safari ride during extended hours some time ago. Big, red, swollen things.We actually had someone look at them. She might go on this new thing if she bathes in Deep Woods Off just before.


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Sorry in advance, but just posting our experience as we rode it last night and... well meh.

All animals in first section were out of view. Hippos in water, not lit well and looked liked far away rocks. On Savannah, wildebeest, springbok, and ankoli cattle were resting in area across from the dog enclosure( no hyenas were out). We were not fans of the faux sunset. Giraffes were far in back and not really visible. Elephants were way in back and very difficult to make out.
Addax, bontebok, and cheetahs not seen( cheetahs weren't expected) Did see one zebra in back area. We could make out the Male and female lions on the kopi. It was cool to hear the male "chuffing"
Driver resorted to some Jungle Cruise type corny jokes throughout the ride as he wasn't spotting many animals. He spotted and pointed out many trees in the last area..." There's a tree there and look another tree over there..."

No need to go on this ever again for us as we will just stick to seeing all the animals in the day. Giraffes, Eland, rhinos, bongos and kudus right next to safari truck. I understand all safaris(night & day) are varied and unpredictable.

My daughter said she wished we could leave the safari mid ride as we did during lame Junglebook Show.

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