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Key West OR Wonder?


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In past years, I'm pretty sure that the Wonder ported in Miami and visited Key West. I really want to get back on the Wonder to experience Tiana's Place and I really want to get back to Key West.

But this winter, the Wonder is ported in Port Canaveral and does not visit Key West at all. The Magic is going to Key West. So I have this lousy dilemma. Sail on the Wonder or visit Key West.

And if I'm going to visit Key West, should I go with Royal Caribbean, which has some really nice itineraries that include Havana with Key West? I was on the Magic in 2015, so it would be nice to see the new Tangled restaurant, but RC is so much less expensive.

By the way, I've been thinking about this so much over the last week, that last night I dreamed I was on the Wonder.


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We would choose the Wonder over Key West. We agree with the novelty of Tiana's and the rest of the itinerary (including CC) could outweigh Key West. You could always visit Key West in the future. It may be a close call, but we have not done the Wonder yet, we want to, we did a pre-furb Magic cruise and want to do another cruise on the Magic to see it post refurb. Thus, the ship seems to be the driving influence. Heck you can even drive to Key West.


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I agree with @ScoutN--We sailed on the Magic last year when they still had Carioca's. I'd be excited to see Rapunzel's Royal Table, too! Have you seen it yet @ChuckElias? If not, you'd at least get to see something new and do Key West, otherwise I'd maybe rent a car at the before/end of the Wonder cruise and drive down to Key West. Either way, I'd love to be having your dilemma! 😀
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