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News Kali River Rapids to begin delayed openings starting today at Disney's Animal Kingdom


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Tom Morrow

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Barely anyone rides it first thing in the morning because they either go to Avatar, Everest, or Kilimanjaro Safaris, or they don't want to get wet immediately. Still, think of what a good experience it is for those who do want to ride it immediately and walk right on. Any moment where a guest feels like they "win" makes them more likely to come back, which is something current leadership doesn't seem to understand.


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Moana theme?
nah, i want some jungle book put in. not a full on jb ride, but the kali river rapids with the jb characters. have them pop up a few times during the ride and narrate whats going on/what your seeing on a sightseeing tour down the kali river, through some ruins that take you into a giant showscene building with some really cool fire affects on the ceiling, like that escape from pompei flume ate kings dominion...or maybe busch gardens....but yeah, a massive educational story telling adventure via a river rapids.
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Tom Morrow

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Popeye is a much more exciting ride, but its too much. I haven't ridden in over a decade because I don't want to be completely drenched.


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Popeye is a much more exciting ride, but its too much. I haven't ridden in over a decade because I don't want to be completely drenched.
We stay on site, so we go back to the hotel, get changed into our swimsuits, go on Popeye and Ripsaw Falls, and then head back to the hotel and swim!

Wouldn‘t bother in the winter unless it was crazy warm.


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Both Dudley and Popeye get you far wetter than Kali. I enjoy all 3 but it is not even close as far as how wet you get. Going on Popeye is like taking a bath!
First time we rode Ripshaw Falls we wondered why there was no line early in the morning. As we got off soaking wet our question was answered. Kali is not too bad unless someone is shooting water at you. Wet underwear for the rest of the day though is not my idea of fun.


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Every time a ride has a delayed opening, the guest is getting shortchanged. We're heading into very hot temperatures and an intense summer. I might excuse this during off season, but right now? Makes no sense to me.

I like the story behind Kali, I just wish the special effects had a bit more pizazz, and that the attraction would end with a call to action somehow. It's important to educate, but you also need to make the next step in talking about what can be done to fix things.

I appreciate the message about taking care of the Earth and its creatures with DAK, even if they're not as strong as they initially were.


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I wondered how easy it would be to extend it and make it a longer ride. It's quite squashed in where it currently sits. it really could do with being longer.


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IMHO not worth the long wait and too short of a ride. Disney needs to extend it. Won't ride it unless it is a walk on.
And even then I would have to think about it.


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You can’t easily extend a ride driven by gravity.
I think the move for this ride would basically be to go straight at the top of the lift hill, have a run off and another lift hill to reconnect to the existing track. Otherwise, I don't see a logical way to do it.

I think a better move would be to remove the attraction entirely, but only after they re-develop Chester and Hester's. The ride opened in 1999 and you could conceivably get 30 years out of it before they're ready to expand / re-develop that area.

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