Kali River Rapids closing for refurbishment in January 2017


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Was closed this past winter during our late jan/early Feb trip. We really missed it. Heading down next Feb 27th and happy it'll be open!


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Does Kali and Splash Mountain usually go down at the same time? Sad to miss out on this one, but hoping we still have a chance to do a water ride when we are there in jan.


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Considering it's one day refurb in December I would say it's unlikely splash will go down in January.
It's looking like that's the case. Simply for selfish reasons we've got a family trip and while my wife and I visit more often, most of the family hasn't been on Splash Mountain for 5+ years because of the January refurb.


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In fairness, that incident appears to have occurred because of a design aspect/flaw not present in Kali, or any other US raft ride I'm aware of.

Agree 100%. There was also an unfortunate accident in Texas, years ago. Absolutely no call for a rush to judgement just because they're all raft rides.


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'This was not a freak accident': Dreamworld may NEVER open again - with theme park employees facing up to five years in jail for negligence
You'll need to quote better sources than that tabloid.

This is the "news"paper that speaks first and then tries to check the facts later.

Until the official report is completed and published anything else is speculation. And it is wrong to speculate where lives have been lost.
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If you click the link on the article again, it has since then re-phrased its title, to "Dreamworld will REOPEN on Friday". This source is a joke.

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