News Kali River Rapids closing for annual refurbishment beginning January 2024


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they need to close it for an extended period so they can expand it and make it a good ride imo
As much as I don't like the ride... AK cannot afford to lose a ride for any extended period of time. Also budget really should not go towards not expanding capacity/offerings.
Put that money towards a new ride either in AK or clone Grizzley river run for the Canada pavilion in EPCOT


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Walt Disney World has provided an update on the Kali River Rapids refurbishment.

"From January 8, 2024 to mid-March, Kali River Rapids will be temporarily unavailable due to regularly scheduled maintenance."


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It's winter so it isn't drawing much of a crowd now any way but the capacity issue is a problem. The ride being dull and boring is but this won't solve that. The fact that this and Grizzly were built at roughly the same time is shocking. One is a good attraction and the other just isn't.

This is my big worry about taking out Dinoland for Encanto and Jones. The smart move would be to leave dinosaur itself and build encanto first and then once that opens transform Dinosaur (if necessary). The damage taking another ride off line to build one and retrofit another is going to make that park so miserable for guests while its going on. It's literally a fourth of the park where lines are already long due to a lack of attractions.


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Kali River Rapids is once again showing operating hours on the Walt Disney World website beginning March 16, 2024.

Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 7.01.47 AM.png

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