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Just got a phonecall


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I took the time out when I got home from my WDW vacation a little over a week ago to email WDW, giving great recognition to a wonderful CM. We took the KTTK Tour on November 11th and had Matthew as our tourguide. He was so amazing, so passionate of the MK, and was very informative the entire 5 hours of the tour. I was so blown away by his enthusiam, so I just had to email disney and let them know how he made my vacation more magical than it always is.

So I am at work right now and noticed a missed call from an odd number with a 407 area code, so I had to check the voicemail...bc my first thought when I see that area code was WDW!!! It was a WDW guest relations CM replying to my email and thanking me for taking the time out to let them know my experience with Matthew. I am really happy that he will know that I did this and I think he will remember who I am because I stuck by him through the whole tour and we sat at the same table for lunch at Columbia Harbour House and had a great conversation.

Whenever I email disney about things, I never know if it will get directly to the subject of my email. I never knew that they called to let you know they received the email...I was just expecting an email back. I am really happy they called to tell me that..and it was a live person, and not some recording!!! :):):)

Just thought I'd let you all know...this is another reason why I love WDW as much as I do...its the little things like these that put a smile on my face.


Kudos:sohappy: to you for taking the time. I'm sure they get plenty of complaints. It's human nature. But I'm sure it's rewarding when they get an e-mail like you sent.


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Nice work -- I'm sure the compliments are fairly few and far between compared to the complaints they receive.


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My DW and I always believe in telling someone is doing a good job, though usually like to do it in person, as when we get back generally never have time to do the email or the letter.

Your CM must have been really good if he was that way for the full 5 hours. He must really love Disney too.


I agree with you, it is very nice to have a phone call back. Last Sept. we sent a letter complimenting the great service we received from several CMs at Coronado Springs.

We also got a call back and have it saved on our answering machine. It is so nice to listen to it every once and a while. It makes us feel like we are back in WDW receiving that same incredible service. :sohappy:


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Yeah it is great when you get a phone call back. I really appreciated it when they called me back so i could tell them what great service I recieved in Sept.
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