June 6 trip report


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Starting in 2008 we use to use the 10 ticket packages with non expiring tickets which worked great for us since we can drive to Orlando, 4 1/2 hours away from where we live. Over the next 6 years we went through 3 10 packs so we have been in Disney World for a total of 30 days, usually 3 days at a time. Roughly twice a year. Actually we may have gone through 40 tickets a piece don't really remember? Sometime not long after Potter opened we went to Universal for 2 days. Pretty much since then we have had Universal AP's.

Universal is much more relaxing. Our last trip to Disney was a little tense, wife kept worrying about when and where to get food which got on my nerves. It was never ended scheduling of this and that of things that should be fairly unimportant.

Comes down to this. Travel can be exciting in not good ways and usually involves hard schedules. Once you reach your distination your days should not be filled with worry that if you miss this or it rains or it whatever happens your entire day can get screwed up. That is not a vacation to me.

2008 was when I first visited Universal. We were doing an Orlando vacation with my in-laws with stops at Sea World and Disney. I really wanted to go to Universal, but no one else was especially interested. I found some 10-day promotional tickets with no expiration date. Not sure if they are the ones you are talking about, but man they were a steal! I think I paid $70 in 2008. Wish I had bought a whole stack of them!

I agree with you about the relative stress and relaxation levels of the two resorts. My wife hates having anything scheduled on vacation. She really resents it when I tell her we have to make an appointment. So Disney doesn't work for her. It's funny you mention the food. I have a theory that the Disney Food Blog (which I enjoy) and other social media has wrecked WDW for everyone. Now the place is flooded with people who will go to great lengths to Instagram the new Dole Whip flavor.
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