Pre-Trip June 2024 Graduation Celebration

I'm back! I didn't mean to be away for so long. I didn't quit Disney, or this forum or anything dramatic. It feels like the time just slipped through my fingers, and without even realizing it, nearly 3 years has passed!

Allow me to re-introduce myself:
I'm Ali (rhymes with Sally) and I love Disney!
I visited WDW for the first time in 2013 knowing nothing and had an ok time. I found this forum, learned SO MUCH and every vacation since has been magical! Thanks guys!

Here I am on my last visit to WDW in March of 2021.

Along with my husband Jim, our daughter Gwen, our son Ethan and my mommy.

Man, those masked photos are such a bummer!

So, why such a gap between visits? Well, in January of 2022, we bought our dream house! It's an old Victorian that we're in the process of restoring, one DIY project at a time.
Yes, that's the dream. For us anyway! 🤣 I'm an interior designer and my husband is an engineer. We love teaming up to do the work ourselves.
So, no vacation in 2022.

Last year was a redemption vacation to The Everglades & the Florida Keys. We had booked a trip for the summer of 2021, but had to cancel due to a positive covid test the night before departure. 😭
We got there, just 2 years late!

June 2023 in Key West

So here we are, almost 3 years later, finally headed back to WDW!!!

When: June 4-14
6-day single Park tickets
Where: 2 nights at Coco Beach and 8 nights in the Disney area. We haven't booked anything yet, but it will be off-property. For sure. My house takes all my money
Why: celebrating Ethan's 8th grade graduation!!!

130 days to go!


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Time to get serious.
I chaperoned a middle school band trip to Great America (our area Six Flags) yesterday, and I am still tired! I walk Zeke 3+ miles a day. I thought I was ready for the long park days!
9 hours in a theme park with twelve 8th graders says I'm not.
Training starts now


24 Days to go


23 Days to go
Homemade frushi & violet lemonade for Mother's Day brunch
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