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John Lasseter to leave Disney and Pixar at the end of the year


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By all means, I don’t defend all of Disney’s mistakes either. I admit, I have a soft spot for John Lasseter. I’ve seen countless videos of him hugging his colleagues (male and female) and thought that was just the norm for the people closest to Lasseter. Rashida Jones for the most part was new to Pixar, I’m sure she felt uncomfortable but to immediately tell the world about it and then backtrack on some of her statements, left a bad taste in my mouth. Now, I’m not denying that he didn’t do these things. None of us know what really happened but I wouldn’t put him on the same level as a Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby either. And that’s what I meant by that @Master Yoda.
Plenty of these guys can be outwardly nice but skeeves when the camera is off...I think lasseter might fit that bill. Perhaps not as egregious as Harv and Bill...but it appears that really doesn’t matter. The minute the story broke, he was toxic to Disney and done.


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Regardless of what you "meant", what you did is exactly why more people do not come forward in cases like this. Anytime someone high profile is accused of an impropriety such as this, the default position for the loudest segment is victim blaming.
I have to agree...it came off as victim shaming. I have no doubt you are not malicious @ChampDisney...but it’s a delicate slope.

And I’m not for PC...at all...the line is around the block to verify that...

But “thanks, rashida Jones, now you ruined Pixar” (paraphrased) isn’t the right way to get the wind in the sails of your argument.
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